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March 2016

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Meet Ratan Tata | Travel through the Outback in a Discovery Sport | Head to California in search of the Lost Coast | Sir Paul Smith and his bespoke Defender | Grass roots Rugby


INCONTROL CONNECTIVITY B E O N L I N E ALL THE TIME “Every aspect of the new InControl Touch Pro system is built on the confidence of connecting you to the 3G network. Antennae on the roof pod of the vehicle make sure of that. We’ve turned your car into its very own wi-fi hotspot. “These days, everyone in the car will have their own devices – smartphones, tablets, maybe a games console? This system lets you enjoy video, share files and music or even play multi-player video games. This new system keeps you connected to the rest of your life.” Phil Higgs leads the design concept for the system. CONNECTIVITY IS ONLY POSSIBLE WHERE A 3G NETWORK IS AVAILABLE AT A GLANCE ROOF POD ANTENNAE Your vehicle stays connected in places where your own devices might fail. 1GB PER SECOND By integrating Ethernet into the car, it allows data transfer at speeds of up to 1GB per second. This means you can watch and listen to high-quality video and audio seamlessly throughout the vehicle, as well as streaming on-demand data from outside the vehicle via the internet. ONLINE SEARCHES Find great locations from restaurants to shops and the system can navigate you to them or share them with friends so they can meet you there. 52

INCONTROL AT A GLANCE PINPOINT YOUR CAR Location reckoning anywhere on Earth – even without a GPS signal. AIRPORT UPDATES System alerts if your flight is delayed. REMOTE CONTROL Check fuel levels, lock your car and set the vehicle temperature remotely. MOBILE APP CARRY IT WITH YOU “InControl Touch Pro is not simply an in-car infotainment system – it’s also supported by apps that come with you wherever you go via your smart devices. “When visiting a new place, the InControl Route Planner app will navigate you to the door, including on foot or by public transport. “The InControl Remote app can connect with your vehicle via your smartphone or Apple Watch to check that it is locked, or to begin heating or cooling the interior ready for your arrival. And if you left it in a busy car park, the app’s ‘beep and flash’ function will lead you to your vehicle.” Jan Richter is working to take your infotainment system beyond your vehicle. 53


Land Rover

Onelife - May 2019


Land Rover’s Onelife magazine showcases stories from around the world that celebrate inner strength and the drive to go Above and Beyond

Land Rover vehicles go above and beyond, to help you make the most of your world. The latest issue of Onelife delivers this philosophy to your living room with evocative narrative and stunning photography. Experience a rich variety of perspectives from around the globe: from eco-innovators in China to road-testing in Greece and modernist architecture in Germany

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