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October 2018

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Share the passion of a Land Rover-loving community in a remote corner of India | Experience the thrills of driving on ice in the Range Rover Velar | Explore stunning Donegal with seafarer Monty Halls and his family | Relive the child-like sense of wonder captured at the Above & Beyond Tour | See why the Range Rover PHEV impressed mountaineer Jimmy Chin | Encounter the most powerful Defender: the Classic Works V8 special

N A V I G A T O R 06

N A V I G A T O R 06 TECHNOLOGY ROAM FREE As an award-winning travel and lifestyle photographer, Finn Beales knows better than most how difficult it can be to stay connected when on the job. His work – which runs the gamut from striking shots of vehicles to photo-narratives from exotic destinations – takes him to places that can be hard to reach, for humans and mobile phone towers alike. ”Staying connected can be hard, especially if you’re way off the grid and far away from a power outlet,” says the Welshman, whose adventures can be followed on Instagram, where his account @finn has racked up more than half a million followers. ”I’ve also got a lot of things to keep an eye on, including quite a bit of camera gear. So I don’t want to worry about my phone at all,” he adds. To suit the demanding lifestyles of people like Beales, Land Rover teamed up with phone makers Bullitt to create the Land Rover Explore mobile phone. The Android phone, which has a 5-inch HD screen optimised for legibility in sunlight, features a powerful 4,000mAh battery giving two days of typical use. The add-on Adventure Pack, which nearly doubles battery capacity, includes a GPS patch antenna for immense accuracy. The Land Rover Explore is packed with useful features, from dual-SIM functionality to access two phone networks, to high-grade topographical mapping with Skyline augmented reality to help identify physical landmarks on your journey. And when things get messy, its ultra-durable Land Rover design-inspired IP68-rated shell gives you water resistance to a depth of one metre for up to half an hour; functionality in extreme temperatures, and protection from sand, dust and humidity, adding up to a truly rugged device you can rely on. “Especially when I am shooting for Land Rover, I often find myself in difficult conditions,” says Beales. “So the fact that I can use the Explore phone in the wet, at sub-zero temperatures and in the dark, even with a wet or gloved finger, really is brilliant.” Armed with a phone as capable as the Land Rover Explore, Beales can focus on what he does best without having to cut his adventures short – much to the joy of his 584,000 fans. FIND OUT MORE about the Land Rover Explore phone or order your own at, or check out the hashtag #LandRoverExplore on social media PHOTOGRAPHY: FINN BEALES 18


Land Rover

Land Rover Magazine - Issue 39


Land Rover Magazine showcases stories from around the world that celebrate inner strength and the drive to go Above and Beyond

Land Rover stands for not only the most capable premium vehicles, but a state of mind where a sense of curiosity, exploration and wonder informs all of life’s adventures. Encounter this throughout the latest issue of Land Rover Magazine, from meeting a herd of Ice Age survivors on the Dutch coast with the Land Rover Discovery, to the most innovative sustainable architecture on a Californian journey with the Range Rover Evoque

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