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April 2018

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Look back at the birth of the original Land Rover | How Land Rover has driven adventure and scientific exploration | GQ Editor Dylan Jones discusses inspiration with Chief Design Officer Gerry McGovern | Exploring the potential impact of electrification and connected vehicles | Tackling the 999 steep steps up to Heaven’s Gate in China



AN EYE ON ADVENTURE For those who want to enjoy life with visual precision, the launch of Land Rover sunglasses will be a welcome discovery. Unless you’re a celebrity who won’t be seen without them, the likelihood is that your shades provide year-round protection to your eyes from the blazing summer sun and wince-inducing bright winter skies. Like your watch choice, your sunglasses are an investment most definitely valued for their function, but they also have to work with your style - and perhaps more importantly, your lifestyle. As is expected from any product that bears the Land Rover emblem, this brand new, awardnominated designer collection matches fashion and form perfectly: the premium quality pieces subtly reflect Land Rover’s signature design aesthetic whilst elevating the latest eyewear trends, so whether you wear one pair of sunglasses religiously or have a wardrobe of them to suit every occasion, there’s a multitude of frame options to suit your taste while naturally upping your style stakes. Even to the untrained eye, these are no ordinary sunglasses. Channelling the ‘Above and Beyond’ mantra and finesse that Land Rover is revered for, the world-class design and technical capabilities of this premium collection unquestionably challenge convention. Whether you off-road, ride, sail or simply want your sunglasses to complete your look, every piece in the collection is injected with cutting-edge eyewear components, technologies and materials including premium polarised lenses on all models, which reduce visual glare to ensure you never lose focus and also provide protection from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays. If you wear your sunglasses out on the water, the elevated design execution of the fashion-mirror models maintain crystal-clear visibility no matter the conditions, thanks to specialist treatments that protect the lens from saltwater damage while simultaneously repelling water and grease. As Land Rover moves into its 70th year, celebrating and injecting the brand’s British legacy was also imperative to the launch brief. Designed and developed in the UK in consultation with multi-award winning British eyewear manufacturer, Eyespace, the collection is the culmination of countless hours spent analysing, enhancing and experimenting with every detail, from bespoke hinges through to the product names themselves, with each piece aptly titled after an iconic British landscape or landmark. Signature model, Longnor - named after the legendary Peak District location famed for its adventuring terrain - perhaps demonstrates this best, with a nostalgic round-eye shape favoured by home-grown icons including David Beckham, Benedict Cumberbatch and Prince Harry, and offered in earthy tones that reflect the rugged scenery of its namesake. Finally, for the perfecting Britannic touch, cleverly placed on the interior of the arm is a custom-built hinge, stamped with “British Design”, which acts as a reminder of the extraordinary design, enduring quality and unprecedented style that your sunglasses provide. 6 FIND OUT MORE Land Rover sunglasses can be purchased from and leading independent opticians. All models can be customised for prescription lenses.

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Land Rover Magazine showcases stories from around the world that celebrate inner strength and the drive to go Above and Beyond.

In this issue, New Defender is put through its paces by two inspirational young adventurers as they prepare for an expedition to the South Pole. We also celebrate 50 years of Range Rover by taking a journey of discovery to Dubai. As well as looking back, we look to future as a group of visionaries explain the technologies that could change the future for all of us.

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