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Meet Ratan Tata | Travel through the Outback in a Discovery Sport | Head to California in search of the Lost Coast | Sir Paul Smith and his bespoke Defender | Grass roots Rugby


NO COMPROMISE Creating a convertible version of an original hardtop presented a series of design and engineering challenges. Gerry McGovern and Danella Bagnall explain, in the case of the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, how the challenges were overcome Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s Chief Design Officer Danella Bagnall, Evoque Vehicle Line Director The launch of the Range Rover Evoque Convertible broke new ground. It is the world’s first premium compact SUV convertible and the world’s most capable all-terrain convertible. But creating the vehicle presented specific design and engineering challenges – especially as the original Evoque’s award-winning design is so individual. The result, which offers generous boot space, a ski hatch, a z-fold roof that opens in 18 seconds and full capacity for four occupants, also includes true Land Rover all-terrain capability with the latest Terrain Response system and Wade Sensing. In the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, neither design nor capability is compromised. 01 THE CHALLENGE GERRY MCGOVERN: “The biggest design challenge was how distinctive the Evoque is. The key ingredients of the Evoque design are the falling roofline, rising beltline and the overall visual robustness. So how do you make the convertible work when you take away the falling roofline? When we took the roof off I realised the overall drama of the design still worked with the roof gone. The emphasis on the rear haunches becomes even more obvious.” DANELLA BAGNALL: “Cutting the roof off any car creates an engineering challenge – you have to strengthen the vehicle in a very different way from that of a hardtop. The other challenge was to ensure we maximise the boot space, when the roof is folded, without compromising the rear passenger space. The solution was in the fabric roof. It gives the best of all worlds, Evoque specifications may differ across markets, please visit to find your local retailer 22

keeping the design integrity but delivering a 251-litre boot space. A metal-folding version would just not have given us that.” 02 NOT JUST FOR CALIFORNIA GM: “When I think of California, I think of convertible motoring, the weather is conducive to it. But also driving a convertible on a crisp, sunny winter’s day can be an enjoyable experience. With the reassurance that it has Land Rover’s all-terrain capability it can be used in any weather, in any conditions.” 03 ENGINEERING INTEGRITY DB: “Maintaining capability was a priority. We’ve made sure the Evoque Convertible is every bit a Land Rover. Don’t forget, though, that we have 68 years of experience since the Series 1 started it all. The Evoque Convertible takes this understanding into the future. “Our four-wheel-drive system, complete with Terrain Response, allows us to tackle any terrain. The vehicle can wade up to 500mm, and approach, break over and departure angles compare well with the hardtop Evoque. “All-Terrain Progress Control, our latest capability technology, makes off-roading safer and easier. Safety is also assured by two hidden aluminium roll bars that deploy within 90 milliseconds in the unlikely event of a roll-over.” 04 NO COMPROMISE DB: “Convertibles can mean a design and engineering compromise. However, the design and engineering teams worked very closely together to achieve the vision. For example, the highly desirable frameless doors created a real engineering challenge in terms of maintaining the overall strength and robustness, whilst not compromising on the overall design and desirability of the convertible when the roof is down. And there is no compromise in on- or off-road handling between the convertible and the hardtop Evoque. Personally, I’m very proud of this.” GM: “This vehicle will become part of the Evoque story. We now sell over 120,000 Evoques a year with demand still strong. “The Range Rover Evoque was a catalyst for change in our company – it proved that design executed in a desirable way can change the fortunes of the business. It’s the fastest selling vehicle in Jaguar Land Rover history and it showed that great design and engineering excellence can work in harmony. With the Evoque Convertible, we’ve absolutely stayed true to the original design.” 23

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