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May 2019

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Shenzhen by Range Rover Sport PHEV | A first drive in the new Range Rover Evoque | Mid-century modernist architecture in Germany | George Bamford on what makes true luxury | Meet moon-walker Charlie Duke | Carnival subculture in Brazil


XXXXXXX LEFT P GLOBETROTTER’S DIARY SALT ALL YEAR This nomadic arts festival began in a remote part of Nordland, and is now resident in the heart of Oslo until next year. It features traditional wooden constructions, based on Norwegian fishermen’s fishracks, that serve as giant saunas and exhibition and music spaces. SARDINE RUN MAY-JULY Billions of sardines spawn off South Africa and migrate up the continent‘s east coast in miles-long shoals, harried by sea predators. Numerous operators run Sardine Run tours, giving divers and snorkelers a front-row seat to one of the world’s most spectacular marine events. YUKON 1000 JUNE Registrations open for the world’s longest canoe race – along a thousand-mile stretch of the remote Yukon River in Canada’s far north and into Alaska, finishing in the Arctic Circle. With entrants from around the world, it is seen as the ultimate canoeing fest. NAADAM JULY Short for ‘eriin gurvan naadam’, or ‘the three games of men’, this is a festival of Mongolia’s three national sports: wrestling, horse racing and archery. The festival takes place in every town and village in the country, but the official one is in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. PHOTOGRAPHY: ENDRE LOHNE, DOUG PERRINE/GETTY IMAGES, JAY DICKMAN/CONTRIBUTOR/GETTY IMAGES, JACK TAYLOR/GETTY IMAGES, JODHPUR RIFF/OIJO, ENTE FIERA DEL TARTUFO – FOTO DAVIDE CARLETTI, DOGWALK(2015)/MAELLA JAARSMA 14

GUČ A TRUMPET FESTIVAL AUGUST Brass is the backbone of the Balkans‘ frenetic Gypsy-inspired music – and never more so than during this cacophonic weekend in the tiny Serbian town of Guča, when a multitude of bands, and specifically trumpeters, battle for the crown. JODHPUR RIFF OCTOBER The Rajasthan International Folk Festival takes place within the walls of the immense Mehrangarh Fort in the fabled Indian city of Jodhpur. It brings itinerant folk musicians together with classical ensembles and international acts. Sir Mick Jagger is a big fan, and patron. FIERA DEL TARTUFO OCTOBER-NOVEMBER The world’s top chefs descend on the small Italian town of Alba to mark the start of white truffle season. The festival‘s centrepiece is an invite-only truffle auction, but you can make your own purchases at the weekly truffle markets, and sample lots of truffley treats. SETOUCHI TRIENNALE UNTIL NOVEMBER Held across several beautiful islands in the sparsely inhabited Seto Inland Sea, this Japanese festival sets contemporary art installations amidst buildings and landscapes. It runs in three sessions – Spring Encounters, Summer Gatherings and Fall Expansions. 15

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