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May 2019

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Shenzhen by Range Rover Sport PHEV | A first drive in the new Range Rover Evoque | Mid-century modernist architecture in Germany | George Bamford on what makes true luxury | Meet moon-walker Charlie Duke | Carnival subculture in Brazil


† Requires 360 Surround Camera. * Optional features. through rush hour city traffic with ease and park in tight places. That is a major asset in any city, and certainly so in Athens where driving is a fascinating challenge, manoeuvring through a sea of traffic where everyone seems to be in a hurry. Fortunately, the slow progress allows you to appreciate the beauty of the city. I used the updated and much slicker Navigation Pro * system to pilot my way to the must-visit locations of the sacred Acropolis and Parthenon; it even took me directly to a rare car parking space in the shadow of the great ruins. The sheer magnitude of the Acropolis was breathtaking – even sharing it with busloads of tourists did not diminish the uniqueness of the experience. After soaking up the sights I enjoyed a lunchtime break, with a reviving traditional Greek moussaka at a restaurant packed with tourists and locals having animated discussions. Back on the road, as I inched the Evoque through chaotic narrow side streets it became clear that Land Rover has been equally successful in improving both the handling and the ride comfort of the car. It really is easy and relaxing to drive. I headed up busy Syngrou Avenue, and through the thriving downtown district of Metaxourgio, where shoppers indulge in the latest fashions and gourmet dining, with the added attraction of street art, including the distinctive work of renowned local artist Sonke. As I drove out of the city’s gridlocked traffic onto the dual carriageways, I began to fully appreciate the depth of improvements made to the new Evoque, especially how quiet the diesel engine was. The Evoque may be a car that will spend most of its time in the urban jungle, but it is just as happy out in the country where it cruises serenely. “ON THE DUAL CARRIAGEWAYS, I BEGAN TO FULLY APPRECIATE THE DEPTH OF IMPROVEMENTS MADE TO THE NEW EVOQUE, ESPECIALLY HOW QUIET THE DIESEL ENGINE WAS” And for owners with a sense of adventure, rest assured it is an authentic Land Rover, with off-road abilities none of its rivals can match. Scaling rough rockstrewn tracks in the spectacular Katafygio Mountains, I was reminded of the astonishing ability of the Evoque’s Terrain Response 2 * system to tackle any terrain. This also gave me the chance to test two groundbreaking pieces of technology. ClearSight Ground View *† features cameras which show you a 180° image of what’s beneath the front of the car. It’s like having a see-through bonnet, which is perfect for off-roading or just negotiating high kerbs. The other is a ClearSight interior rear-view mirror * . The previous-generation Evoque had a narrow rear window and any luggage in the back meant your view behind was close to nil. Here, the mirror transforms into a high-definition video screen that uses a camera to give you a clear rear view. Having enjoyed the driving experience from behind the wheel, when I had the opportunity to be chauffeurdriven, I decided to sample life in the rear seat. It’s a tranquil place to be, with much-improved head- and knee-room, and as we progressed down the Marco Polo Highway, I felt the great explorer would have appreciated the new Range Rover Evoque as a fine way to travel. Two days behind the wheel left me in no doubt that if the original Evoque was a game-changer, the new version raises the bar once again. It is more luxurious, refined, technologically advanced, drives better and looks even cooler. Range Rover’s baby has matured into a superb re-imagining of the original, and is well on its way to becoming a new icon. 31

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