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November 2017

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New Range Rover and Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrids | Why Oslo shines as a beacon of electric mobility | Uncovering Mia Suki’s unbridled passion | How Project Hero is optimising crisis response for the Austrian Red Cross | A stunning Norwegian drive in the Range Rover Velar

The Range Rover now

The Range Rover now features the revolutionary Touch Pro Duo system (above) for added functionality and a cleaner look, while the seats offer even greater levels of luxury, comfort, support and functionality 34

NEW RANGE ROVER “WE'RE NOT TRYING TO REINVENT IT, BUT TO CONSTANTLY REFINE IT – IT'S THE SAME RECIPE, BUT WITH EVEN BETTER INGREDIENTS” FINBAR MCFALL, JAGUAR LAND ROVER PRODUCT MARKETING DIRECTOR EXTERIOR DESIGN New ideas subtly reflect the changes under the skin. The hallmark clamshell bonnet is now formed from a single piece of aluminium together with a new grille and all-new front and rear bumper designs. There are now four of the famous ‘gills’ rather than three for a finer look, as well as integrated exhaust pipes in the rear bumper. A distinctive range of colours and finishes are available, including optional specifically formulated ultra metallic and special effects pallette colours. You can choose from two new colours: Rossello Red and Byron Blue (as shown), as well as from six new wheel designs. TOUCH PRO DUO The revised Range Rover now benefits from the innovative new Touch Pro Duo system, which made its debut on Range Rover Velar. Two beautifully radiused, gloss-black capacitive touch-screens control almost all the car’s major functions, minimising switchgear and bringing both simplicity and elegance to the cabin. Behind those minimalist screens and floating rotary controllers lies the refined work of Land Rover’s 600 infotainment system engineers. COMFORT Open the door and you’ll notice that the front seats are bigger and plusher, inspired by the first-class seats on aircraft. Beneath the premium leather upholstery, Range Rover’s seating experts have developed new ‘comfort interlayers’: sections of cushioning of different densities, cleverly built up so that the seats are both soft and supportive. For the first time, the Terrain Response system has a default ‘comfort’ mode, optimising every aspect of the car’s chassis and powertrain for silken progress. New wellness features include optional Cabin Air Ionisation to ensure optimum cabin air quality. There's also improved stowage for your important articles. SEAT FUNCTIONALITY The Rear Executive Seating option now offers an extraordinary range of luxury features including heated arm, calf and foot rest area, and a hotstone massage system with a class-leading choice of 25 different programmes. There’s even an app which allows rear-seat passengers to control all this from their smartphones or other devices while reclined. With a touch of a button, that wide rear central console retreats, revealing a fifth seat. The rear seats can also be folded forwards to maximise versatility and capacity. PIXEL-LASER LED LIGHTING All-round intelligent LED lighting is now standard. Energy saving LED light is closer to the daylight and marks a major advance in safety while also reducing the strain of driving at night. The new Pixel-Laser system is the ultimate option and makes its Range Rover family debut here. This sophisticated system divides the light beam into a grid, both vertically and horizontally. It even recognises vehicles ahead and deactivates individual segments of the main beam to avoid dazzling others, while maintaining maximum illumination for the driver. The lights ‘bend’ into corners, and illuminate kerbs at low speeds to aid night-time manoeuvring. And over 80km/h the lasers activate, producing over 0.5km of near-daylight brightness. OFFICIAL EU FUEL CONSUMPTION FIGURES FOR THE NEW RANGE ROVER in l/100km: Urban 7.8-19.8; Extra urban 6.4-10; Combined 6.9-13.6; CO 2 emissions (combined) g/km: 182-310; See p.28 for PHEV emission figures. For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ. FIND OUT MORE To see all of the enhancements on the latest model Range Rover, visit 35

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