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November 2017

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New Range Rover and Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrids | Why Oslo shines as a beacon of electric mobility | Uncovering Mia Suki’s unbridled passion | How Project Hero is optimising crisis response for the Austrian Red Cross | A stunning Norwegian drive in the Range Rover Velar


XXXXXXX LEFT Bird’s eye view: innovative drone technology provides first responders with the bigger picture. Below: multi-tasking paramedic Sebastian Pohl attending to a landslide victim 66

PROJECT HERO communications package give the vehicle an additional capability that in this combination was a first for emergency services. Glanzer highlights two factors causing emergency services to rethink how they deal with disaster, saying: “Climate change is already disrupting infrastructure and people’s lives.” Additionally, an increasingly outdoor sports and technology-oriented society is taking more risks. Both factors are causing disquiet within the international emergency and disaster management community and confirm the need to be prepared for the worst. Working together with Land Rover, the Red Cross identified the need for an off-road capable, mobile command post. Equipped with advanced analogue and digital communications and able to monitor events utilising a full suite of high resolution and infrared cameras mounted on an advanced drone, the idea behind ‘Project Hero’ came about after a snowstorm had paralysed traffic in Hungary, trapping 20,000 people in their cars for six hours. ENABLING FASTER RESPONSES As well as managing ‘Project Hero’ for the Austrian Red Cross, Markus Glanzer is primarily responsible for national crisis and disaster relief programmes. He understands intimately the requirement for a fast, coordinated response to crisis. Building on the long-standing relationship between Land Rover and the Red Cross which currently extends to 18 projects in 25 countries on four continents, the All-New Discovery was selected as the base vehicle for ‘Project Hero’ as it offered huge ability both on- and off-road and a highly versatile interior. The drone and HIGHLY REALISTIC TRAINING The Bregenz forest region in Vorarlberg mixes dramatic mountain panoramas with forest and alpine pastures and is interspersed with picturesque villages and towns. At 5am, the half-light slowly reveals a range of peaks jutting threateningly over an uncannily still quarry. A landslide has caught a scout troop out camping unawares. Thirty terrified youngsters, some only lightly injured, others lucky to be alive, are scattered across the unreal, rocky landscape. With almost military-like precision, the emergency services move into position, dog teams are on hand, the volunteer fire fighters jump into action. Coordination is in the hands of the Austrian Red Cross. Speed is the key as some of the teenagers have been buried by earth and “SPEED IS THE rubble, while others lying out in KEY AS SOME OF the open require urgent medical attention. To the observer, it is THE TEENAGERS surprising how calm and collected the first responders are HAVE BEEN BURIED as they arrive on scene. BY EARTH Over three days, 14 very different scenarios ranging from the AND RUBBLE” landslide outlined previously to a collision between a minibus and a passenger train were staged by the Austrian Red Cross as part of a major exercise designed to measure the effectiveness and response times at all levels, from management down to the volunteer paramedic. Along with their emergency service partners, 450 Red Cross members were put to the test. As the exercise revealed, disaster management is a complex business. EYES AND EARS Dealing with complexity is a speciality of Land Rover’s Special Vehicles Operations (SVO) division. SVO engineers Matt Furlong, Ben Brett and Donal Phair 67

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