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November 2017

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New Range Rover and Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrids | Why Oslo shines as a beacon of electric mobility | Uncovering Mia Suki’s unbridled passion | How Project Hero is optimising crisis response for the Austrian Red Cross | A stunning Norwegian drive in the Range Rover Velar


OFFICIAL EU FUEL CONSUMPTION FIGURES FOR THE RANGE ROVER VELAR in l/100km (mpg): Urban 6.2-12.7 (45.6-22.2); Extra urban 4.9-7.5 (57.7-37.7); Combined 5.4-9.4 (52.5-30.1); CO 2 emissions (combined) g/km: 142-214. For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ. 74

RANGE ROVER VELAR Top left: The clean lines of the new Velar shine in the Norse light. Bottom left: superb fish dishes are synonomous with Norwegian hospitality. Bottom right: legend says fighting trolls cause the region's rock falls After lunch there’s a slight urgency in my driving to get to the next waypoint. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to drive – the Troll’s Ladder or the Trollstigen as it’s more commonly known. This is one of the world’s most celebrated roads. Its name reflects the mythology in which the surrounding area is steeped, as well as the 11 hairpin bends that carry the road more than 2,790ft up the mountainside. The road is open after the annual spring rock fall, which, legend has it, results from trolls fighting on the nearby Trollveggen cliff causing the earth to shake. With the mud still wet on the doors of the Velar, a quick adjustment of the driving mode to change from ’Comfort‘ to ’Dynamic‘ turns the gauges red and brings a newfound tautness to the car. Dampers, throttle reaction and gear changes are all honed to faciliate a more responsive drive. Scything through the hairpins and feeling as if I'm out-running a hoard of angry trolls, my smile gets broader. Thanks to Adaptive Dynamics (standard on all models) wheel movement is monitored 500 times per second, and body movements 100 times per second. The system continuously varies the damping forces at all four corners, ensuring that suspension stiffness is optimised for the driving conditions. However, it’s the steering that really impresses. The Velar’s Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) system has a lovely weight to it. Clever algorithms ensure completely intuitive steering responses. This all makes for a highly mechanical feel with variable weighting depending on the scenario. It’s a fantastic system that communicates constantly with you. As the day closes, I head for the Storfjord Hotel. The route to the hotel contains a number of deep tunnels and it’s here where I come to love the optional Matrix-LED headlights with Intelligent High Beam Assist (IHBA) and Adaptive Front Lighting (AFL). For a start the full-beam lasers provide visibility at night to the tune of 550 metres – that’s half a kilometre of light! The clever Matrix technology selectively dims individual LEDs to adjust the light pattern allowing full beam to be maintained without dazzling oncoming drivers. As soon as I arrive via an off-road section at the magnificent hotel I’m keen to tell the receptionist about these fantastic headlights as he hands me my key and points to my room. IT'S A FANTASTIC PIECE OF DESIGN WORTHY OF FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE ORIGINAL RANGE ROVER The Storfjord Hotel is a beautiful woodland boutique hotel, built in the centuriesold Norwegian loft style using solid beams and cosy wool insulation. Living grass rooftops are characteristic of traditional and some more modern Norwegian homes. It’s here that Norway’s charm hits home. It’s an incredibly forward looking country that lives by the mantra, if there’s a better way to do something then it’s best to get on and do it. But they won’t unpick old traditions if they can’t be bettered. For me that plays in beautifully to the Velar’s biggest attraction. In 1970 Land Rover listened to their customers and delivered the world the Range Rover - a product that had both capability and comfort at its heart. Each new addition to the Range Rover family has improved and bettered the range, but not at any cost. Some things are wonderfully familiar - design, capability, the serenity of the interior. These Range Rover absolutes are also core to the Velar. This car is the perfect union of form and function. It’s a fantastic piece of design worthy of following in the footsteps of the original Range Rover – one of the only vehicles to ever have been displayed in the Louvre gallery in Paris, highlighting the very pinnacle of industrial design. Having the chance to sample the New Range Rover Velar in Norway has been an inspirational experience. Aside from the jaw-dropping scenery and abundance of ‘hyggelig’, both Norway and the Velar share one unshakeable premise - they are both highly respectful of the past, but never shackled by it. BOOK YOUR OWN TEST DRIVE Experience the New Range Rover Velar for yourself. Visit your local retailer, or book a test drive now at 75

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